Dosh App Reviews

Where’s my account?

I’ve been earning cash back on purchases for weeks and now dosh is say that my account is unable to be logged into. Complete rip off.

To whom ever

I want to delete this but can’t u need to help me

Easy Peasy!!

Shop and get money back! WIN


Why do the app don’t work for people in the caribbean

Amazing Customer Service!!

Amazing app, quick cash, and great customer service. Couldn’t ask for a better app!

Started out great...

When I started using this app in 01/18, it was great. But over time, there have been fewer options for earning cash back. I just now earned enough to cash out. I will be deleting this app when my transfer clears.

I love my dosh app

This app is amazingly easy to use and to get cash back. I linked my cards and just shop as normal. Then before I know I have money from it for groceries, gas, or anything I want. There are no strings attached and they have deals all the time to double the percentage back or get money for sharing with others. I have had no issues.

Good but several problems

There is no one you can personally contact for any problems. My bank is not listed so, they still have not put the hotel discounts back up and in my area there really is not many places to get a discount. I do have a couple of places I go to. I also never received cash back for a mini fridge I purchased through the Dosh app on Which goes back to the issue of not being able to speak with someone personally about things.

Great but cause add more

I like the app because some places I go to a lot. The only reasons it have a 3 is because the percentage is low on stores, if you go too much to a store they take it off, more stores need to be added, and the $25 dollar minimum can only be transferred which it takes forever to get if you not going to the places on a regular.

Amazing app

Get money back for things you normally spend on is awesome. Didn’t even realize I had money linked up.

Didn’t even get to know if I’d like it

The verification code I need to enter at first kept taking too long to be delivered that the signup session expired. Didn’t get to know if I like it.

Cash Back for Sam’s Club

It’s never automatic. I always have to submit my receipts and wait ten days to receive it. It’s quite inconvenient.

Love it

It’s legit transferred my first $26 from shopping at forever 21!!! Awesome

Thought it was good but....

I really thought this app was good at first until I ran into an issue and had to contact customer service 👎🏻 I had made a purchase at a physical store and my account was not credited. I contacted them and after about a week and 2 days they finally credited my account WITHOUT giving me the $10 bonus I was supposed to get for making my first purchase. Currently STILL waiting for that. Unhappy for sure.

Easy Money

One of the best cash back apps out there. Just add your credit card and savings at designated online and in store locations are applied to your account. Most happen almost immediately. On rare occasions the app misses the cash back. Simple process to correct by notifying customer service. Customer service for this app is outstanding!

Thank you!

I am glad that there has been different stores added to my Dosh so I can shop and earn more.This app is great.


This is my first time using Dosh. I need to experience it a while longer before I can really see how good it is.

More stores

Its so hard to get rewards because the store is few. Hope to have more stores

A scam!

Do not use Dosh unless you want them to profit off your earnings without getting rewarded. I’ve earned 50+ dollars in 2 months but Dosh refused to allow me to connect my card or Paypal. Their support is unresponsive, slow and unhelpful! You will be better off not using this app as you cannot benefit from it. ITS A SCAM DO NOT USE

Having to add receipts.

I spend a lot of $$ at Sam’s Club gas station, I am frustrated that I have to constantly email in my receipts as Sam’s club charges one dollar to you card initially so I am constantly getting .02$ cash back but then I have to email in my receipts for the correct amount.

Salvar dinero!!

Que te den dinero para atrás por solo comprar es un gran benéfico para salvar dinero.

Don’t download this app

Update: now I don’t have a customer ID because I kept inquiring about the fact that I can’t link a bank or my pay pal. DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP

App issues

I open the app and it says to upgrade to the newer version. I click upgrade, takes me Dosh in App Store and says open. Click open. The Dosh app opens and does the same thing. Very frustrating. So when I want to use the app, I can't.

Surfing matt

We all shop everyday. Why not get rewarded by retailers who actually want your business. Dosh is awesome- $90 in my account and now a nice night out with the wife thanks Dosh.

Cannot create account

After entering the 6 digit code I received, I entered name, email, password, etc. always getting the error “Something went wrong.” I tried 3 days already. Uninstalled and reinstalled 2.0.0 did not help. Sad.

One of the greatest apps ever

Love the app, it’s a game changer

Nice but glich

I have enjoyed using the app, but have found a few transactions aren't getting added. Don't have a customer service number to get help with missing cash.

Doesn’t work

I had this app for three months and I have not received cash back on a single purchase. I deleted it.

Dosh is great but need to fix some bugs

Dosh is a great app. I get a decent amount of cash back from my purchases. I’ve had a few problems of my cash not being added in but I submit a ticket and they correct the issue. It says it takes 3-5 days to transfer the cash to my account which is a downside. Idk why it would take so long with today’s technology.

Great app!

The funds sometimes take a bit of time to hit and you don’t always get the funds for purchases, but overall a great way to get cash back!

Creat account

My phone number is from Puerto Rico (US territory), so the area code is (787) and when I tried to enter this number the app doesn't recognize the area code, so I can't create the account.

Great app!

I love this app! I’ve always gotten my cash back at stores that I frequent anyway. Their customer service is wonderful too!

Love it

I love this app. Customer service is excellent also.


The 10% cash back at Sam’s club is awesome!

Cash back at nearby Sams Club hasn’t worked for months

I wanted to love this app but it does not deliver what it promised They did not provide the $15. Referral fee offered in January. When i inquired, they agreed there had been a problem for months but they weren’t going to honor those referrals anymore. The only cash I’ve earned has been by scanning each Sams Club receipt for their review.

Rebates not recognized

I went to mattress firm and at least 5 restaurants in my surrounding area. Did not get my cash back! Only Good thing: I only got cash back for gas and sams club.

Where are the merchants?!

Why does your site promote big brands like Sephora and Home Depot and Target if they’re not part of your program? This app is useless in my area??

Doesn’t always work

I’ve not gotten cash back on several of my gas purchases and a couple of other places we’ve used it! The policy is that you have to submit receipts but who gets receipts anymore...

Credit Card Changed

Made a purchase on my card after it had been deactivated from fraudulent activity. I called support and they were quick to credit my account under the new card.


I get cash back from just about every purchase I make, it’s like getting money for spending money! Love love love!

wish they had more offers

since starting dosh all the offers in my area are no longer available!

Changed terms w/o notification

Before, you could shop and be able immediately get the money back (it was great), but now, without informing people, they made it so you need to purchase through the link on the app. The whole point and differentiating factor of the app was the ease of the user experience, and now I’ve lost out on opportunities to get cash back b/c they never informed users of this change. 👎🏼


When I first signed up with this app from a referral, I was excited. And then, in the beginning of the game, so to speak, they quickly changed things, and increased the payout from $15.00 to $25.00, however, I must add that they have been very helpful regarding any problems, and I will see how things go, when I get to cash out.

Easy as 1,2,3

Great app and quick responses when support is needed! Easy to earn money too!

Awesome app!!

It’s super easy to navigate. I love how fast the money adds up. I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to make some money while they shop.

It won’t except my phone number

When I type it in it says please enter a us mobile number. Like boi i am.

Excellent App

This app really works have collected a lot of cash over the past two years.

Not happy

I have yet to transfer my money over and I’ve tried everything my card is even link to this app

Unable to unenroll login

It’s troubling that you are not able to unenroll your own login profile even after removing your credit card. They are not following the “right to be forgotten” protocol. I used my card for purchases and did not get any rewards so I removed it.

Unresponsive and unhelpful

I have been using Dosh for a while now and at first everything was fine. But it will not let me transfer the funds that I’ve earned and I have contacted customer support so many time and I have not received a response. Yet they are still monitoring my transactions and the money is showing up in my wallet but they will not fix my account so I can transfer it to my bank.

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